Our clients are the foundation of our practice. We continuously develop our expertise to expand our base of business and individual clients. With our local identity and personal relationships a priority, we identify and create beneficial connections within our client base. Our business clientele includes publishing concerns, real estate developers, medical and dental practices, architecture firms, retail establishments, construction contractors and restaurants. For these clients, we provide a broad range of services, including the following:

Consulting Services

We have extensive experience in personal and small business consulting, projections and forecasts, retirement and estate planning, financial planning and mergers and acquisitions.

We are always looking for new clients to help. Please feel free to contact Tommy Everett or Wade Hampton with any questions.

Tax Services

We provide corporate, partnership, individual, estate and trust income tax planning and preparation, as well as payroll, sales and property tax preparation.

Accounting Services

We provide compilations and reviews, as well as, bookkeeping services, such as check writing, bank reconciliations and asset management. We do not perform audits of statements but would be happy to recommend a professional to you.